In order to rent a motorcycle from us you will need to physically visit our office in Hopkins. We have no possibility to deliver motorcycles to other locations in Belize. We are however very pleased to help you figure out how you get to us. Also, once in the area, we offer free pick-up service if you are located within Hopkins or Sittee Point. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes notification prior to your desired pick-up time.

It is important for us to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience that also complies with the law, therefore the following requirements must be fulfilled:


  • Valid motorcycle license/endorsement from home country.
    (Belize Law requires M-license and not normal Drivers License to operate a motorcycle in Belize. You need to be able to present a physical card of your M-licence. Not a photo of it, and also not a piece of paper saying that the license is coming. Also a police report that your license has been stolen is not valid. Only a physical hard card with a stated M-license is valid form of proof that you are eligable to operate a motorcycel in Belize.)
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Have ridden 2000 miles in a lifetime or 500 miles in the past year
  • Embossed Credit Card imprint for security deposit (VISA or Mastercard)
  • Payment cash in $BZD ($1 USD = $2 BZ) or with Debit/Credit Card (surcharged 5%)

It is highly recommened to pre-book a motorcycle with us during high season. You have many options for booking a motorcycle: