From 08:00 a.m. to 5.00 pm, which is also the hours when our office is open. If you would like to maximize your day, you can come in to our offices a day before and do all the paperwork, discuss itinerary, get your cell phone and select your helmet. This way you have already knocked the boring stuff out of the park and the next day at 08.05 am you can be out of the parking lot and on your adventure!
Sorry, it’s not possible. We are a small operation, and we work 10 hours a day 7 days a week and please understand that adding more time to the week is just not sustainable. Furthermore, it gets dark soon after 5.00 p.m. so you should anyhow be back in Hopkins by then. If you have a certain reason to drop it to us the following morning we might, at times depending on the demand, be able to honor this. You can always talk to us ahead of time about this if you have something particular in mind adn we can visit the idea.
Early! In the winter it gets dark about 5.30 pm and in the summer about an hour later. We recommend that you are done with your riding day at least 30 min before dark as the twilight time also means much more wildlife on the roads. Once its dark in Belize, it gets really dark. Because we have no streetlights on the highways and because sometimes other vehicles on the roads don’t have proper functioning lights, the risk of driving increases vastly at night, for your own safety please be off the roads before dark.
Early! About 5:30 am in the summer and about an hour later in the winter. The thing to do in Belize is to greet the day early. 😊
No, we are sorry to say that unfortunately you can't. Belize law requires a motorcycle license to operate a motorcycle. We need at all times to comply with the law.
Yes, there is! If you don’t want to bring your own helmet, we you can rent one from us for 5 USD/day or 25 USD/week. We have properly DOT approved helmets in sizes XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL in full face, dual-sport, dirt bike, open face, half helmets.
We do not, also, we refrain from recommending exactly what motorcycle gear to bring as everybody seems to have different degrees of risk aversity and needs of protection. We want you to be safe but also know it sometimes gets hot in Belize (specially in summer) so keep that in mind when you pack your gear. A light rain jacket can be useful for sure and gloves to protect from sun and rain. Some people find it useful to choose shoes that work both for riding and hiking.
We can! Though we find that we can give you enough information and support to conduct most of your adventures by your own in Belize. The country is easy to navigate and with the maps we prepare for you with combined with the phone we give you, 95% of our customers find that this is more than enough. Now, if you have a group it can then maybe make more sense to add a guide who can make things completely less hassle free and have a guide who will show you a little bit further away off the beaten track. Send us on email and ask us about this.
Naturally this is nothing we can guarantee, but we have managed to “match together” people in the past. If you would prefer a ridding buddy, let us know and we can pitch your solo case to other customers that may request the same. Another idea is to stay with us at Crash Pad Adventure Hostel (sometimes it turns into a full motorcycle hostel) and see if your riding buddy match-making will happen there.
Absolutely! Browse our webpage for inspiration and let us know what destinations inspire you. We can then help you assemble an itinerary that makes sense depending on what kind of stuff you like (swimming in waterfalls, hiking, food, caves, zipline, village-life etc). There are many small adventures in Belize and lots of small pit stops and the most fun is that you get to use your motorcycle to get there!
Certainly! If you have some extra stuff (dive gear, dirty clothing etc) that you don't need while on your motorcycle you can leave it in our offices while you are on your riding adventure. In fact, if you do a multi-day rental and for instance plan on both visiting Toledo District and Cayo Districts, then know that we in Hopkins (Stann Creek District) are located right smack in the middle of those so you could even stop in half-way and dump some dirty laundry and pick up some fresh stuff. Packing light has many advantages so consider this. While you repack we will take the oportunity to also give your motorcycle some TLC.
At the bottom of each adventure described on the webpage it will say the difficulty level of the ride, the % off-road (non-tarmac) also how far away it is from Hopkins. This should give you a general idea but of course feel free to ask if you have more questions.
As global climate changes it has become harder to define a clear dry and rainy season. To give you an idea is that technically it can rain any time of the year, and most of the time it doesn’t but when it does it tends to rain more at night than day-time. Furthermore, for the most, rains can come down pretty hard but also pass pretty quickly. Also, rains can be extremely local meaning that it can rain in one end of a village but not in the other. You see, it is super hard to predict if you will get rain or not. Weather Apps on phones will suggest rain most days, which will probably be true somewhere in Belize at some moment of the day but far from guaranteed exactly where you are at that time, so statistically we find that they are more wrong than right. Best thing to predict weather is to look up in the sky, you will see it coming before it does and if you get caught in a rain while on the bike you might chose to pull to the side and wait out the rain. As a rule, if you have a light rain jacket it does not hurt to bring it.
You are not allowed to cross the border into Guatemala/Mexico with the motorcycle and therefore we do not provide you with the paperwork to do so. The reason why we do not let our motorcycles leave the country is simply because we have no way to provide our customers support of any sorts if they leave Belize.
The motorcycles come fueled up and are to be returned fueled up. There is a gas station at the entrance of Hopkins where you can easily top up the motorcycle at the end of the rental period. The average fuel range is 200-250km/125-150 miles depending on motorcycle model, load and driving style. We will provide you with a map that marks gas stations around Belize. There are enough gas stations to get you anywhere in Belize and its not really a concern as long as you take it for a habit to top up whenyou see a station. You will need to put Premium fuel (high Octane) in the motorcycle at all times, it is a very cheap insurance to know that the motorcycle will work as the Regular fuel (low Octane) fuel in Belize leaves much to desire in terms of performance.
Then you pick up the phone we gave you and call us. We will be part of the solution/rescue plan in the way that makes most sense depending on what the problem is and where you are at.
There is not. You have to travel between Stann Creek District (where our offices are located) to get between the two areas.
Unfortunately we don't have that capacity to do so, but contact us and tell us where you are and we can tell advise you the best way how to get to our offies in Hopkins. If you are staying in Hopkins/Sittee Point we can pick you up free of charge and bring you to our offices.
You will have to get to our offices in Hopkins to start and finish your rental. It might seem like it is a little out of the way and while that might be true we are however perfectly located for the best riding of Belize. The south is really significantly more interesting than the north and the area around the airport has really very little to offer. Hopkins is also a cool little beach village well worth a visit.
We don’t. The reason it does not exist is because vegetation grows so fast it is nearly impossible to keep a track cleared, it would grow back in no-time.
While situation changes everywhere and whatever written here might soon be outdated I think we can safely claim the following. Motorcycle travel is per definition a social distance type of transport. Also, all our staff is vaccinated so dealing with us means you are safe.
Then know that we are very happy to hear from and happy to assist in any way we can so please just send us an email and we will get back to you very soon. :-)